Morocco Domain Name Register

Morocco Domain Name Register

Morocco domain name register is an important place for online businesses in the country. It serves as the identity point for Moroccan Internet space and has strict rules to protect the rights of third parties. It is also a good way to show that your business is local and committed to serving its customers. If you're planning to register a domain name in Morocco, you should consult the registry's website to learn more about the process. Check out nom de domaine .ma to learn more.

.MA is country code domain for Morocco

beginkw.MA is country code domain for Morocco endkw I para:.MA is the country code domain for Morocco. It is registered with a Moroccan telecommunications regulatory body, Agence Nationale de Reglementation des Telecommunications (ANRT), under the authority of the Moroccan Prime Minister. The ANRT Director General is Azdine El Mountassir Billah.

beginkw.MA is country code domain for Morocco endkw B para:.MA domain names are subject to strict rules that protect the rights of third parties. They serve as an identity point for the Moroccan Internet community, and are subject to certain rights protections. The registry works through registrars, who are intermediaries between registrants and the registry. Registrars must be registered with ANRT in order to make commercialization of the domain names possible.

The.MA ccTLD was originally allocated to the Moroccan Telecommunications Authority (ANRT), which applied for redelegation of the.MA ASCII country code top-level domain. The request was approved by the IANA board in June 2006. The new name was officially designated on August 7, 2006.

.MA domain proves that your company is committed to serving local customers

With a.MA domain, you can prove to your customers that your company is locally focused. This ccTLD also includes a privacy option that hides your personal information from the public Whois database. You can also manage your DNS records in your customer area.

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